The risk involved with employing someone to put a number on a luxury or exotic automobile can be a dwelling task for any dealership manager. Without the knowledge of the market or resources to back it up – relying on an employee to provide appraisals for luxury and exotic car owners looking to trade for perhaps the newest  luxury or exotic vehicle – can turn into a catastrophic event on your showroom floor fairly quickly.

Wholesaling requires a great deal of knowledge for the high-end luxury market, as well as an immense amount of resources and money to back up each appraisal. At we help eliminate speculation by cutting you a check instantly. Trading often and adjusting to market trends allows to give expert advise based on relevant market activity. 

With numerous successful completed transactions, and years of proven results, our appraisal, real time services, and exclusive turn-key live auction platform, provides dealership managers with a premium and trusted trading network with 1,000’s of qualified dealers nationwide, reducing your exposure and risk involved when making dealer to dealer trades.

How Does The Luxury Wholesale Auto System Work?

It’s as simple as entering a car into the iLuxCar’s appraisal form, and receiving a live offer in a matter of minutes.

Once registered in the system, you will attain exclusive material

and gain access to competitive wholesale numbers on luxury and exotic vehicles – as well as expert predictions on when you should buy and when you should sell.

The moment you decide to enter your car into the network, notifications goes out to 1,000’s of qualified dealers. From here, interested buyers get the opportunity to purchase. iLuxCars representatives are actively pursuing the money you need to close your deal.

Once you have an offer, you are notified instantly. This is where you as a pre-owned dealership can either choose to accept or reject. If you do choose to accept an offer from the network, a purchase order will be sent to both the buyer and seller, as well as the transporter, so they know where to pick up and where to deliver.

If everything clears, your check will be shipped over-night, as soon as we have confirmation of title and payment. The amount you receive from iLuxCars is what you were offered. All fees are pre-negotiated and all included.

A tool unlike any other, the system is an incredible and powerful application which ultimately gives used car managers, and pre-owned directors peace of mind and a sense of relief when dealing with Luxury and Exotic appraisals.

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