A step-by-step description of how the iLuxCar’s system works.




Fresh Trade


As a member of our exclusive and trusted trading network, you join 1,000’s of qualified dealers nationwide, reducing your exposure and risk involved when making dealer to dealer trades

∴ 100% risk free. iLUXCARS guarantees condition, delivery, and title.

∴ Instant exposure to national network of qualified luxury and exotic buyers.

∴ Your membership is FREE of charge. NO set up or monthly fees.

∴ Get access to expert predictions.

∴ Get the most for your luxury and exotic vehicles.

Fresh Trade

The state-of-the-art system will immediately communicate the details of a car that you plan to wholesale, while your salesman is working on the deal. Qualified, interested dealers are notified and bidding on your vehicle starts immediately.

If the iLuxCars offer is enough to make your deal, you simply accept the offer and the transaction is completed. Submitting the vehicle is 100% risk free – you never have to accept the offer if you choose not to.

Save time and money. ∴

Manage and guarantee vehicle shipping and title transfer between dealers. ∴

Eliminate time and inconvenience from current trading process. ∴

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